Monday, February 20, 2012

First Post

Hello Internets!

My name is Tory, and I am a Waffler. I am incapable of picking a restaurant, or a top to go out in (My Friend A usually picks out my clothes. That way I don't embarrass her)
And Now, here I find myself, 28, Married, and wringing my hands, and clutching my pearls at a gigantic Crossroads:
To Spawn or not to spawn.
To Procreate or No
To pop on out, or Keep one in.
To have a baby, or keep out family just the two (and a Half-If you count the dog) of us.

The Purpose of this Blog is to..well, Blog. About my Feelings and Junk. Namely, my feelings about One BIG decision that Will effect the rest of my life. And the rest of my family's life, and really, the shape of the world to come.

Man that's a heavy way to think about it.

When I can't decide about something, I do what every Aspiring Librarian/bibliophile does, and turn to books. They always know the answer.

but...there only seem to be 2 types of Pregnancy books:
A)Oh Look I'm Pregnant....What Now?
B) I REALLY want to be pregnant, What infertility treatment/yoga class/sacrifice to a dark god should I go with?
(That was Humor, a bit of light teasing. If you can't handle that I wouldn't suggest adding me to your blog roll)

Which are both great awesome, and I'm sure they've helped a lot of people. But what I need is a "Well we'd always said we'd discuss having kids when Hubby finished college, and now that we've gotten that over and done with, I guess its time or maybe we should wait awhile longer, but OMG what if my eggs dry up" book.
and I've looked. The closest thing I could find was "What to expect before you're expecting" but that doesn't seem to have any Pro/con lists as to the actual big question.

I've put the questions to my friends, and they fall into two distinct camps. There is the camp that already has kids that say:
"Yeah, do it, and then I'll give you all my kids old baby clothes and we can split sitting! Please?" and then there are all the rest that give me a slightly disgusted look, like I just offered to take a wee in their beer bottles.

So here, I've created a place where I can talk about it. and post pictures of the dog.

That's Maggie, My mascot.
She really wants us to have a baby. So she can Taste it. and see if its like Chicken.